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It took me 28; nearly 29 years, after that, to learn anything, at all, about Walter's radio career (and the fact that he had had some bit parts, and supporting roles, in a few movies from the 30s and the 40s). When I learned about his Leroy Forrester part, in The Great Gildersleeve (and about Julius, from The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show), I understood, for the very first time, just why he was such a hot commodity, for Jay Ward and Bill Scott, in their Peabody cartoon show. They probably considered it a true honor to have this very famous radio voice, as one of their "kid voices" in that first series (undoubtedly they had also been big fans, of The Great Gildersleeve, years ago).

At any rate, there is a special place, in my heart, for the first phase of my discoveries of Walter Tetley. Though I was quite ignorant, back then, about what made him special, I am reminded of all those precious, boyhood days, that went hand in hand, with those discoveries...............especially:

Those long, lazy summers, in Pottstown, PA, when I rode my bike, everyday.........including to our local shopping center, for ice-cream or pizza........or all the many hours, that I spent, in elementary school, junior high and high school, at our local swimming pool...........or the times that I laid out, in our nice, big, grassy, front yard, getting a suntan, and writing letters, to pass the time.......or the times that my friends, and I, enjoyed the sight of those first, glowing, fire flies, as the warm, evening breeze, massaged our faces.......

I had no idea, while I was carefree and enjoying my youth, that Walter was slowly dying...........Maybe it's best that I never my immaturity, back then, I probably would not have been much use, or much help, had I found a way to write to him.

I hope to learn more, about the "senior Walter Tetley".......The last Walter Tetley, who graced this earth, in the first half of the 1970s.............