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The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

Phil Harris and Frankie/Elliott often came across, very similar to Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton from The Honeymooners (with Phil being like Ralph and Frankie/Elliott being like Norton). Though Phil was often quite stupid, he was nowhere near as stupid as Frankie. He would even defend Frankie, before his family:

"Frankie is NOT stupid!!!............."

As much as he defended him, Frankie even began to wear down poor Phil, at times!

Phil and Gildersleeve were both hot heads, but Phil was a little bit more of a brute than Gildy. At least Gildy had a little more class, than Phil, when he blew up at someone. Phil Harris seemed more ready, than Gildy, to get into a fist fight, with someone who angered him. The fact that he often spoke, with very poor grammar, also contributed to making him seem, like more of a brute. But giving Phil credit, where credit is due, he was smarter than Gildy, in one way. When Gildy's ego was bruised, and the angry blood rushed to his head, he "let it all out", even if a policeman was the object of his wrath!! Harris would never get into a policeman's face, the way that Gildy was known to.

Alice Faye, had a much smaller role, than her husband, even though she got top billing with him. Elliott Lewis, as Frankie/Elliott, had a much meatier role. There were several episodes, when Alice Faye seemed to be an afterthought. There were even some shows, when Tetley's Julius, ( though a bit part in the show), was a bigger role than hers. Even as a singer (and you would think that she would top her husband there), she still competed with Harris. Her husband seemed to sing, just as many numbers, as she. In addition, at the end of each show, when the two stars would make some closing remarks to the audience, and say good night, Phil did 90% of the talking. Alice would get the last word, but, all that word would be, was:

"Yes, good night everybody!"

Alice Faye, playing herself, was most likely much less of a caricature, than her husband. She always played a very classy and charming woman (though never snooty). Her character was always warm and likable. Above all, she was portrayed as a great mother figure (she came close, for me anyway, to rivaling Doris Day, who was well known for playing "Mother of the Year" types).

Alice Faye was not a doormat, however. As charming and ladylike, as she could be, she could lash out at her husband, when he deserved it, with an acerbic and stinging wit.............And sometimes she lashed out, with no wit at all............but with pure, unadulterated rage!

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