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The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

In the same vein, as our previous comments on The Great Gildersleeve, we will also make some "general remarks" about this show. You've all heard the old adage:

"There's someone for everyone" or "For every pot, there's a lid".

These proverbs are applicable far beyond the playing fields of Love and War. I would also say:

"There's someone for every radio show" or "For every radio show, there's a fan".

These statements are very appropriate, for our discussion. Though The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show is not one of my favorite shows (especially when compared to The Great Gildersleeve), we have had quite a few readers, on our website, who have written to tell us how much they love this show. We also had quite a few readers who told us how much they love Walter Tetley, as Julius Abruzzio. Several of our readers have commented on how Tetley really steals the show...........or about how he has reduced them to "tears of laughter"!

Aside from all that, I have seen the value, in listening to some of these shows, merely for the deeper understanding, that I have developed, vis vis how minor a role, Walter's cartoon Sherman voice was. Though Gildersleeve was a little more fun, for me to listen to, I am glad that it was not the only body, of his radio work, that I have listened to. Our very kind friend, who sent me the Harris and Faye episodes, has helped me, tremendously, in grasping a much more comprehensive knowledge, of Walter's career.

In all candor, even though he had a substantially smaller role, on his Harris and Faye series (than he did on The Great Gildersleeve), I really believe that Tetley had one of the very best parts on the entire show!! I truly enjoyed, listening to him, more than I enjoyed listening to Phil and Alice (or any of the other "leads" on the show). After Tetley, my next favorite actor, from the show, would be Gale Gordon. He played Mr. Scott, Phil Harris' boss. I had no idea, the first few episodes, that Mr. Scott was THE GALE GORDON..........the same Gordon with whom I had become familiar, from The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. I was extremely surprised to learn, later on, that it was this same man who played that cantankerous and grouchy boss, Mr. Moony, who always screamed at Lucille Ball: "Mrs. Carmichael!!!" (For the record he also played a recurring character, on The Great Gildersleeve. He played one of Gildy's neighbors, Mr. Bullard).

Probably my favorite episode, with Gale Gordon's Mr. Scott, was when he reluctantly had Phil and Frankie at one of his big parties (the fact that Phil was married to Alice Faye, whom Scott as his wife adored, had a lot to do with why these two clowns were at his party). Phil and Frankie stepped away from the party, for a very short time, to put some lawn chairs by Mr. Scott's pool. It seemed like a simple enough request. Leave it to Phil, and Frankie, however, to complicate a very simple task!

To make a long story short, they fooled with Mr. Scott's brand new cadillac, and caused it to quickly roll backwards, and straight into his swimming pool! If that wasn't enough, then they tried to tow his cadillac, out of the pool, by using his other car (his Lincoln)! Phil felt that his own car was too small, to tow a cadillac. So he took a chain, from his own vehicle, and hooked that up to the rear axle, of Mr. Scott's Lincoln. He and Frankie then assumed they were "home free". All they had to do was connect the chain, to the front of Scott's "swimming cadillac" and their nightmare would be over (never mind the fact that the cadillac was probably ruined, after being flooded; they weren't even thinking of that detail then!!). Unfortunately, things just went from bad to worse......They pulled off the whole rear end, of Scott's Lincoln!!

I listened to this episode twice. The second time, was after I knew that Mr. Scott was played by Gale Gordon. When Mr. Scott came outside, and screamed first about his Lincoln, and second about his waterlogged cadillac, I could really recognize the old Mr. Moony then. It sounded just like him, screaming at Lucy (I wasn't really listening for it, the first time around).

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