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I was also very proud, given my admiration of Frees, to hear that he did a sizable chunk of the voice work, for the rides at Disneyland. Included among these rides, is one with a "pirate" theme. Leave it to Paul to do an excellent pirate voice (and I have heard his pirate voices before)! Believe it or not, I have never been to Disneyland before. I look forward to hearing his Disney voices someday. I do hope that most of those rides are still in tact, decades later.

Besides being a terrific voice artist, he was a wonderful human being. The closing, of his taped letter to me, moves me to tears, even now, twenty-six years later. Without going into a lot of detail, the gist of his closing remarks were that he thought that I was a really good boy, a boy with a wonderful future, and someone whom he knew would "make it" someday. He also told me that my letter, to him, was one of the most beautiful letters that he had ever received! Everything, that he said to me, in his closing remarks, was an example of a very decent man.........and a terrific cheerleader, for me........Along will all that, he extended the most warmest holiday greetings, to my family and me, that you could ever hope to receive! His last words, on the tape, were:

"So be a good boy and keep up the good work. Bye-bye........".

His voice sounded like he was close to crying, when he said those last two words, "bye-bye" and then the tape ended abruptly. It's no wonder that tears stream down my face, whenever I hear the end of this tape. So you see........for me, anyway, Paul Frees' magic goes beyond his role as a voice artist. Whenever I listen to his tape, I think about how much I miss him...........and I wish that he were still here............And when I think about that, I think about his last words, that he spoke, in Clark Gable's voice, at the end of the song, By the Time I Get to Phoenix:

"But time and time I tried to tell her so................She just didn't know..............
That I would really go............"