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Saturday, July 07, 2001

Subject: Walter Tetley Card

Hi Brian,

I got a copy of the color photo, that you have on your website, on Walter Tetley. Here is the information on the back of the card. The claim of 100 movie credits surprised me.


back of Walter Tetley card

Gee, there are a few really interesting nuggets that we did not have before, about him! Thanks!

July 6, 2001

Hi Greg:

This email is for you first and then to share with the rest of our readers. You may post it, on the PEABODY'S PONY EXPRESS, exactly as I am writing it to you here.

You remember, months ago, you asked for a list of key search words, to draw internet surfers to our web page? And you remember I gave you the name of June Foray's autobiography, which I had read was in the works?---- THERE'S A HORSE IN MY LIVING-ROOM----Well.......Someone has emailed me a very short interview, with Ms. Foray, in which she concedes that she has changed the title of her book.

I guess you can take "There's a Horse in My Livingroom" off, as a search magnet, now that we know this. To be completely honest with you, I like that original title better than the new one, given below. I will let you, Greg, and all our other readers, be the judge, as to whether or not y'all like her new title better. Just click on the web address, below, and read the very short mini interview.


Subject: [VoiceActorAppreciation] Voice Actors In The News: 9.1

ANIMATION WORLD MAGAZINE, Will Ryan gives us another unique interview - the most recent one with the legendary June Foray:

About a year ago, I reported in my newsletter that June had just begun writing her autobiography. And since the above article says that she's writing her introduction for the book, I think it would be a safe assumption that it's very near publication.

Saturday, June 30, 2001

Subject: [VoiceActorAppreciation] Daws' Song


I belive that the site you and Greg saw was "Daws Butler:A Personal Portrait of My Mentor",and it was By Joe Bevilacqua.

My name is Tim Tilley,although I am young (24) I do consider Daws Butler as my mentor even after his passing. Because it is through Daws's work, writing,demo tapes etc.. that I learned most of my Voice Acting abilities. It was Daws in a way that tought me that there is more to doing voices than just doing them flat out.

Since then,I have been training my voice and practicing his chracters such as Yogi,Quick Draw, and Elroy. I have been able to match a few,but I still lack the ability to change my pitch the was Daws did.

Which show just how talented Daws was. I wish you luck with your current project. I would help but I'm not an musician. Perhaps you can give it an unusual title such as "The talent known as Daws" or,"Voice of Talent","A work of Daws". Maybe even as simple as "The talented Mr. Butler"... I suppose coming up with titles is difficult.

Best of Luck,

Tim "Voice Guy" Tilley


I think that I was most impressed with the mean voices Daws did, like Captain Skyhook, of The Space Kidettes, from the mid to late 60s..........or when he tried to do a "mouse version" of Jackie Gleason, on a Warner Bros. cartoon of Ralph Kramden, Alice, Norton and Trixie, all as mice...........(that voice was a lot like Captain Skyhook, except that he did not speak with a British accent there).

It's not that those voices are my very favorite that he did..........not at all.........Just that I was impressed that the same man who did Elroy, Lambsy or Augie Doggie, could also do those mean, grouchy, evil voices.

About Elroy, Lambsy or Augie Doggie.........It was always neat to hear Daws do those characters, when he had to make one of them cry..........They were so believable, as little children, when he made them weep.

Twenty-four is a neat age to be. Hard to believe that in about 5 years, or so, I could practically be old enough to be your Dad (or at least the age that many men are, when they have their first child). I remember, when I was even younger than you, how much fun it was to dabble in this side of the entertainment industry. I'm glad that I never lost interest in it, even though I never purused the acting side of this field.


Monday, June 25, 2001

Subject: Walter Tetley? Ask Stan Freburg

Hello, Brian.

I was thrilled to find your web tribute to Walter Tetley. I'm 38, lived in Britain till age 18, and thus am not terribly familiar with the Jay Ward cartoons. However, even here in Korea we have the Internet, which I blame, along with Yesterday USA (, for my hopeless addiction to American old-time radio. I particularly like Walter Tetley's characters, Leroy of the Great Gildersleeve and Julius of the Phil Harris/Alice Fay Show. In addition to Yesterday USA, I also listen to OTR shows on the "On The Radio" page of the website, in particular Stan Freberg's "When Radio Was".

All this being a very long-winded intro to my main purpose for writing. In Peabody's Pony Express, I read your response to someone who suggested that you might contact Stan Freberg. You said, if I understood you correctly, that as Mr. Freberg is so well known, you're less inclined make the effort. Well, I think I'd give it a try anyway if you want to learn more about Walter Tetley from one of the few surviving people in the business who new him.

Here's why, though you may already be aware of this. Mr. Freberg frequently plays Gildersleeve and Phil Harris on his "When Radio Was" program, and he always gives a short introduction before and a short closing after each show. Every time that he plays either of these two shows -- and I mean EVERY time -- he says "...and also starring my good friend, Walter Tetley." I've never heard Mr. Freberg express such fulsome affection for any other voice actor featured on his show (and there are scads and scads of big names) though he will occasionally say that "so-and-so" was also "a friend." (Hans Conried and Jack Webb are the only ones that come to mind.) Remember, this is Stan Freberg, so we know he's not name-dropping. And besides, Walter Tetley scarcely seems a name to drop. Who, other than a tiny, tiny minority of Americans, know today or ever knew who Walter Tetley was.

Yep, if I were living in America and had half your interest in Walter Tetley, I'd get right to work trying to contact Mr. Freberg.

Good luck!


Well, maybe I will. Do you have any idea where I could contact him? I am getting a little bit lazier, in my middle age.........I know, as a kid, I got right to work, and persevered until I found an address. Now, with my relatively busy lifestyle, if someone can save me a few steps, I'm more than happy to do that. Do you know where I could reach Stan Freberg?


Friday, June 15, 2001

About the Jay Ward Festival, from '82, that you claim I quote Bill Scott, "I plead guilty!" I got the idea, then did most of the footwork--went through hell to get the prints from Detroit (the show was not available in any normal sense at that time), get the folks together, set things up, projected the films, etc. I had no sense at the time of its significance.

At the time, I didn't realize that it would apparently (according to June) be the *only* such gathering of them ever recorded.

About Walker Edmiston, whom I mentioned took part in the voice work that day, he was another one of the great old timer voice men in animation: "Time for Beanie", etc.

As far as at the June Foray interview, that I told you about, is concerned, there actually is no article, just my raw tape of the most recent interview--eventually an edited version of it will get online...

Unfortunately, the Jay Ward voice actors circle is now a very small living circle, though as I mentioned, June lives very close by.


Sunday, June 10, 2001

Subject: Jay Ward, etc.


I stumbled across your pages in the course of unrelated searches. I thought you might be interested in the audio from my old Jay Ward Film Festival (which I held at UCLA in 1982, which included Bill Scott, June Foray, and others). I also have a more recent interview with June when she came over to my studio (she lives nearby) a couple of years ago, but it's not online currently. But both she and Bill were the highlights of the Festival, including the live script reading and Q&A. Plus Walker Edmiston was great too! Anyway, it's at:


Dear Lauren:

I have read, quite a few times, about that 1982 Jay Ward film festival. So you are the one who orchestrated that?!?..........Also an honor to hear from you, for that reason. I have read about that, both on-line, and also in Keith Scott's book, THE MOOSE THAT ROARED.

I will listen to the audio, as soon as I finish this email to you. It is curious that that festival was held in 1982. That was a pivotal year, in my life, because I finished my B.A. in Spanish that year and forged on ahead to my new life as an independent, young adult, living on my own. I was born in 1959, right around the time that Rocky and Bullwinkle first got started, and then I graduated, in '82, when that reunion of sorts, took place, for all the Jay Ward gang.......What a coincidence!

If you get a chance, to email me back, later on, who was Walker Edmiston? Also, if the recent June Foray article, is available, in some form or the other, I'd love to read it! I am trying to keep myself knowledgable, on this web page, by reading everything that is available, about the Jay Ward voice artists.


May 29, 2001

Dear Mr. Kistler:

Brian, my name is Ray, any friend of Old time Films and Radio is a friend o mine!

As for Crusader Rabbit, I did the sound effects on Jay's early series. He not only took short cuts wih his animation, he created the COMPLETE prerecorded sound track: music, sound effects and dialogue on 1/4" tape at Radio Recorders on Santa Monca Blvd in Hollywood, which he transferred to optical film, then created the animation to synchronize with the sound track, rather than spend time and money in film dubbing studios, hiring sound editors to sync dialogue, sound and music to pre- animated pictures, It was like producing a radio show, then post- producing the animation. As I was a member of AFRA (American Federation of Radio Actors) I was hired to do a few animal "voices" for Ward during the production of this early series.

As for the actors, I was working a CBS staff job and freelancing Albums, Transcriptions, etc. with every actor in Hollywood and as for critiquing any particular personality, all I remember is I was a fan of each and every one of them. So help me...we WERE just one big happy family...AND there were only two or three director/producers who I could characterize as pills, that I worked for, in the 77 years I have been in the business! (I was a featured player in SILENT MOVIES, RADIO and VAUDEVILLE.) Please! excuse my ego!


Dear Ray:

What an honor to hear from you. I guess you are one of the most famous people who has ever responded to us (though I have a feeling that Jim Stokes is also right up there, with you).

As for your work, as a player in the silent movies, I will hone in, with my computer skills, vis á vis searching for the casts of movies, and see if I can find your name, somewhere, listed among the players of some of those old films........Even if you did a bit part, I am sure that your name would appear in the cast.

I enjoyed reading about the things that you had to share with us........and I did not know that you did animal voices for some of the CRUSADER RABBIT episodes, for Jay Ward.

Thanks so much for your information. Your contribution is helping to make our Jay Ward/Walter Tetley website, much more diversified. I do not think that we have ever received, before, an email from someone who worked with the sound mixing (and the sound effects).


May 20, 2001

June Foray was on camera in bib overalls in a "Green Acres" show. Her hair was bobbed. Funny how /show business is, in general. It is the power of suggestion at work. Prime example here. Dress her up in bib overalls, give her a Mexican accent, and baby-you deh Mexican!

From my meeting this short blonde goddess, she certainly looks like an angel. She grew up back east. She does, however, have a deep tan. And unlike other blondes, her skin is not sun-aged. Again, I am assuming she is a natural blonde.

My Best.

Jim Stokes

Jim, I found your remarks about June, as a deep-tanned blonde, VERY INTERESTING........But then I suddenly remembered the picture, that she sent me, taken on an African vacation. Her hair is brunette there......Or at least reddish-brown........So who knows? She also appears to be somewhat light-complected, in that snapshot (see that snapshot on our "June of the Jungle" feature). I also saw her on TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, with Bob Barker, about 27 years ago, and she did not look really tan then.

But you do paint a VERY FLATTERING, beautiful visual image, of her, as she appeared to you that day, for sure!


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