May 23, 2001

Subject: walter tetley


Thanks so much for the Walter Tetley tribute. I have been fascinated by his voice ever since I connected Sherman and Leroy from the Great Gildersleeve. I had periodically searched the net for information since 1995. Have you found any family members to talk to? I still want to know more.

Thanks again,
Dave Abel
Hattiesburg, MS


That's the first, that I have heard, that we have made contact with someone in Mississippi (though not everyone, who emails us, always tells us where they're from). What's it like living in Hattiesburg, MS? Is it nice?

Unfortunately I never managed to link up with any of Walter Tetley's family members. I don't think that he ever had any children........For all I know there may not be many young relatives left, in his family (Tetley was born somewhere between 1915-1923, according to the records).

I will put you in contact, with a few gentleman, who may be able to give you more information, since you are so interested in learning more about Walter.

May 20, 2001

Subject: Just a wee bit more :)

Gadz00kers! It is so rare to meet people like you and Greg who are into voice talent. Most rare! I liked Hans Conried as one of Luigi's pals in the radio series "Life With Luigi." Another great charactor voice in the show was J. Caroll Nash (spelling?). I do believe he did cartoon voiceovers. But can't exactly recall. And Allan Reed was the voice of Luigi's nemesis friend Pasquali, who was always trying to get his daughter Rosa hitched up to Luigi. Allan Reed did a lot of radio acting. He appeared as Sally Tomato, the mobster in Sing Sing Prison who passed on messages to Holly Golightly when she visited him. :)

Allan Reed, of course you know, was the voice of Fred Flintstone. Joe Barbera credited Reed with the expression "Yabba Dabba Dew! when Reed asked if FF could utter that excited phrase in the show. And June Foray must have told you that she was miffed that Mel Blanc didn't credit her as the cute voice of the lady skunk in the Pepy Le Pew cartoons. Did you know that June was the Mexican lass in one of those "farm sitcoms." It was either "Green Acres" or "Petticoat Junction." I forget which. But she was s0000000 cute in that show!

Jim :)

I do declare, I am going to try to sleep now. But I am so wound up as I have a writing deadline. But it is also 0113 hours here in Minneapolis. Who the heck wants to work when I can talk about cartoon voice talent!!!

I read an article, where June was interviewed. I think she was more miffed at Warner Bros., than at Mel Blanc. But I was surprised to learn, from her interview, that Daws Butler and Stan Freberg were ALSO not that happy, at all, that they weren't credited for their voice work.

In the case of Daws, at least, I was quite surprised, that he was upset, because he had tried, for a very long time, to work for Warner Bros. He pretty much knew the score, that Mel Blanc was the one to do ALMOST all their stuff, and that they just couldn't hire him. So when they finally did break down, and hire him for a few shows, after all those years, one would think that Daws would have been completely grateful, to be able to work for them, AT ALL. I always assumed that, BY THAT TIME, he didn't even care about the voice credit, when they finally, FINALLY, were willing to use him.

The article, in which June said these things, was entitled THE QUEEN OF CARTOONS, and it was published in an animation journal called ANIMATO, in 1994. The author was Michelle Klein-Häss. June also told Ms. Klein-Häss that she would like to see voice credit given to her, Daws, etc., NOW, when the Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies are shown "THEATRICALLY".

That actually does not sound like too much to ask, does it? I am sure that they could superimpose their names, somewhere over the film (or there could be a voice-over indicating "Additional Voices: June Foray and Daws Butler") when these cartoons are shown in movie theaters.

You are probably correct, however, that June Foray has been miffed at (or at least "displeased with") Mel Blanc, himself. In Keith Scott's book THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, which chronicled Jay Ward cartoons, I read that Mel Blanc worked for Jay Ward Productions ONE TIME, AND ONE TIME ONLY!!..........And that was enough for all of them!........ALL the voice actors!....They did not really enjoy working with him, much at all.

Mel Blanc did not work for Jay Ward and Bill Scott on an episode of one of their regular shows. He worked for them, ONCE, on a pilot, for a show that they were trying to sell. Bill Scott said that he was rather UNIMPRESSED, with working with "the great Mel Blanc". Then Keith Scott went on to say that, the other voice-over actors, at Jay Ward Productions, all seemed to echo Bill's sentiments.

So what was the problem that they all had with Mel Blanc? Well, according to Keith Scott, Mel was such a PROFESSIONAL, that he did not know how to have fun. The Jay Ward voice gang just LOVED, cutting up, and clowning around, during the recording sessions........ especially PAUL FREES.........who was THE "ALL-TIME CLOWN", always trying to make others laugh.......always trying to get in one last joke.........even if the only person, whom he could tell the joke to was the studio janitor!!

Anyway, Bill Scott, June Foray, Daws Butler and Paul Frees just LOVED showing up to work, because, in a sense, it was like ONE BIG PARTY.........even like a CLUB! For the most part they all shared a similar sense of humor. When Mr. Blanc was there, MR. SUPREME PROFESSIONAL, he, apparently, absolutely REFUSED, to feed into their jovial banter, laughing and merry-making. It appears that he put a great damper, on their sessions, and recording was just not the same.

As a brief digression, Keith Scott also said that Hans Conried was another one of those "professionals" from the old school (he was Snidely Whiplash, from Dudley Do-Right and Uncle Waldo, from Hoppity Hooper). Conried had even been a stage actor.

Apparently Hans was nowhere near as bad, as Mel Blanc, and he was capable of "letting his hair down", at least a little bit. There was one person, from Jay Ward's cast, who rubbed Hans the wrong way, sometimes, and that was Paul Frees.

Paul was just a little TOO WILD, and WACKY, for this ex-stage actor's taste (on the other hand, EVERYONE------not just Hans Conried-----was trying to tone Paul Frees down a bit; THE MOOSE THAT ROARS indicated that the other Jay Ward cast members would tell Frees, from time to time: "Oh, Paul, Shut up!!!!").

June was in GREEN ACRES, and I think the name of her character was Carlita, right? The character was a phone operator, from what I recall reading, right? She did not make many appearances on that show, did she? Didn't she play that role only one time and that was it?

I read, in another article, that she also played a regular character, for 13 weeks, on THE JOHNNY CARSON SHOW: "The Little Mexican girl"............Interesting that she has played Hispanics, a number of times; she is not even Hispanic, is she? The accent part would be no problem, for her, of course. But interesting that people thought she had the Mexican look.

This was a LONG, LONG time ago, I think.......Probably way back in the early 60s, when THE TONIGHT SHOW first started. I vaguely recall that she had the chance to extend her contract, with Carson, but she just did not like, AT ALL, the great amount of time, that on-camera work required: hair styling, make-up, wardrobe, etc. Her feelings about this, were emphasized, later, in her 1973 letter to me. She said that she could make more money, in LESS TIME, doing off-camera work.

I think that Alan Reed also starred in a TV show, back in the early 50s; possibly the title of the show even had that name, Pasqauli, in it. It was a failure, however; it lasted only one season. I found that in his filmography.

I have seen Alan Reed in that movie, where he plays Sally Tomato; you're talking about BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. It's a shame that most of his movie roles are VERY, VERY TINY.

He was in another movie, with Frederic March and Humphrey Bogart, from around 1955 (the title escapes me, right now) and I looked and looked and looked for him (he was credited as a detective) and I just could not find him anywhere! I even watched the video twice, and rewound it, and could not identify him, at all. It appears that he had an incredibly small, bit part, in that movie.

I was amazed, in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, that his voice sounded quite a bit different, from his Fred Flintstone voice (at least as the Italian Sally Tomato character). Granted, I knew that he was putting on an accent, bu t I could barely hear a trace, of Fred Flinstone, at all! I was also amazed at what a short man he is!

It is interesting that he appeared in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, at the same time that he was doing THE FLINSTONES (I think that he was in the first or second season of that show-----back in 1961).

May 19, 2001

Subject: More on voices!

God Bless You Guys on yer website!!

Hokey Smokes -- a QUICK reply from someone on a web site! jeez! Not a trend, I assure you, Brian! Of course, thanks for responding. And you have the very same enthusiasm as on the web site -- another rarity!

Well, by golly, you have NOT endured the slings and arrows of outrageous journalism. My advice is, stay as you are! Don't get into writing for publication, if you are indeed happy and are making money at something else. Appears you are doing very well for yourself. So you are a smart guy!

Oh wow! I must not have written clearly. Ha! No, I don't recall WT (Walter Tetley) in any Disney cartoons. And I know he was not the guy in the live action "Absent Minded Professor." (AMP) I know that. Heh. Guess I wasn't plain enough. What I mean to say was I thought at the time that WT was the guy who played the cop in AMP. But years later, I found out it was another guy. And I can't recall his name. So enough of that for now. I'll check out AMP from the video store some time, and give you the guy's name.

What else? Yes, June Foray, is a very pretty lady. When I intvd her I told her that the first time I heard her was on the Stan Frieberg satire record about the McCarthy Hearings, called "St. George & the Dragonette" or some such title. I told June that I imagined her a dark haired, brown eyed gal. Wow, I was 180 degrees out of phase on that one! There is a wonderful lady here in Minneapolis who does voices also, Muriel Shulman. I told her many times she should be in Hollywood. But alas, her family is here. So, that is a star-crossed thing! Muriel reminds me of June in that they can turn those voices on at the drop of hat in conversation!

Since I sent your e-mail, I also read on your web site about June Foray and Paul Frees. If you go to Barbera's book (or is it Hannah's) Heh. One or the other wrote a book about a year before he died. So that would be humm? Maybe up to three years back, I am guessing. In the book, are a whole bunch of photos. There is a photo of a YOUNG Paul Frees in the HB voice studio along with the other voice talent on some production. Gad, he looked young!

If you haven't read that book by H or B, please read it. It talks about their life-long struggle trying to sell their cartoon series. Not at all a charmed life. They were hang-in-there-schleppermen type salesman who happened to be gifted cartoonists/storytellers. For they were unique in that they WROTE and also DREW their own stuff. I can think of no other such combo. Oh yah, Disney came up with the storylines, so the bio goes. But then he gave the massive job of cartooning to his labor pool of artists.

I love the way that H or B tells their story! One of my favorite books. As I have been there myself, trying to sell my photography/writing/voice talent to the swine as well. And by golly, that is what we wind up doing --

casting our pearls before swine!

Well, at 62 1/2, I am into moviemaking. Don't care if I make a dime. Costs me hardly anything as I am shooting on videotape, running movies on local cable access, and we all have a good time. Have a really talented bunch of actors. Oh yeah, and if I got lucky, like going through the eye of the needle, and may a $ zillion, I will be also very happy! I'd give most of it to my actors.

Got two short movies done. Am working on a feature length, with another feature length in the works. Meanwhile, I still write for a living. Am old enought for $oc$ecurity and have an army pension going right now. So, I figure by birthday 63 in the fall, I'll take $$ and not worry much about other income. (Maybe).

(My e-mail doesn't have a spell check! And heck, I am not writing e-mail for $ anyway!)

Jim Stokes :)
NaturaLite Pictures

Well, you're very kind, indeed. I am trying, very hard to walk the fine line of promoting excitement, about the people, whom we are writing about, and maintaing an air of humbleness, and humility, at the same time. I guess few people will think badly of me, if ONCE IN A WHILE, I include an email as praiseworthy as yours. Thanks so much.

I have even discussed the tone of the web page, with my partner, Greg, and asked him for advice, if he cares to give it. I do worry that, if I take strides to be TOO HUMBLE, the web page will lose the spirit of excitement, fun, enthusiasm and breath of fresh air, that I seek, so much, to project.

What I am trying to do, here, is inject, into others, some of the same type of happiness, and just plain FUN, that that our various subjects injected into my own life. As adults (and I think most of our readers probably are adults), I also think it is really NEAT to have the chance to escape from the seriousness of reality, and focus on things of nostalgia........and even from our childhood.

Of course, as you already know, we are trying to stimulate discussion and teach, with some of our articles and paraphernalia on the site (if you have not already listened to Daws Butler's voices, in his taped letter to me------on page 3 of that part of our site-----you are in for a real treat! This is definitely a combination of factual material and sheer, GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!).

I like to think of myself as a bit like the great Jay Ward and Bill Scott. Their philosophy was that, whatever they did, it needed to be FUN. They refused to cave in, to the trend of the very late 60s, and beyond, which sought to force them to sacrifice the quality of their work, in order to TEACH children a moral lesson.........They did not want to "water down" their work, by having to make a didactic slant, first and foremost, in their scripts.

Rather than cave, they simply refused to produce any more animated series, after GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE. They also were more than happy, to stop making Cap'n Crunch commercials, in the early to mid 80s, when the censors, and "powers that be", insisted on taking away so much of their artistic freedom.

For a quite a few years, "the powers that be", let Ward and Scott do whatever they wanted in their Cap'n Crunch commercials (despite the fact that they would not leave them alone, in a regular cartoon series). Things gradually got worse and worse, however, over the years. Most of this information, I learned on my own. I have to credit Keith Scott, however, who penned, THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, for the information about the Cap'n Crunch commercials.

Anyway, I may be a little different, from Ward and Scott, in that I like to combine teaching and fun..........But I still hold, fast, to the philosophy, that LAUGHTER and SHEER DELIGHT, must also be of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE, for us. I have tried to develop this web page, in the same way that I look at life...........

Ironically, it was Greg Jones, my partner, who introduced me to the ST. GEORGE AND THE DRAGONETTE piece..........Oh, I had known of it, for over 25 years, but I had never actually HEARD it.........Greg had a copy of this very funny piece, and he played it for me. I remember that June Foray played a completely BURNED and TOASTED woman, who was still alive!! Greg had also been the one who apprised me of Tetley's greatest claim to fame, in THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE.

You'll have to email me back, and give me the name of that Hanna-Barbera book. You mentioned that I really HAD TO READ IT, but you did not mention the title. I would be more than happy to read it! What is the name?

In Keith Scott's THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, he trumpeted Jay Ward cartoons, to the heavens, to the point of being disappointed with almost all other animation producers (at least that's how it seemed to me). I have to disagree with him, when it comes to Hanna-Barbera. I loved THE FLINTSTONES, THE HUCKLE-BERRY HOUD and YOGI BEAR shows.

They may have had a completely different flavor, than the cartoons of Jay Ward, but they were still quite good. Just because their style, was different from Jay Ward, that does not mean that they were inferior. I thought that some of THE FLINSTONES episodes were positively GREAT-----in some cases EVEN BETTER than Jay Ward. I will admit that, Hanna-Barbera's later cartoon series were not very good, AT ALL, comparatively speaking.

You certainly have a very young spirit, for 62.......though we have had other readers, in their 50s and 60s, who seem to have the same youthful heart, as you. I guess that it is only natural, on a website such as ours, that people, who visit it, REALLY ARE, young at heart! I certainly hope, that when I am 62, 63.........OR EVEN 83........that I will not be a whole lot different, from now, and will still have the ability to let that inner child out.

You are also to be commended for your outlook on art for art's sake. If I were in your shoes, I, too, would be much more interested in producing something wonderful, and of good quality, than making a buck or pleasing a FAT CAT.


May 19, 2001

Subject: Great article on Watler Tetley!

I want to tell you that you wrote a great article on Walter Tetley. Do you know if he was related to the Tetley Tea Company.

Also, there is another fellow who has a voice rather like Walter Tetley. He's a character actor that I would see all the time in Disney movies. I was sure that was Walter Tetley! But nay. I cannot recall his name. But he often plays a cop. Well, if I see this actor again in an old movie, I shall let you know. :) I will take a wild guess right now and say he was in "The Absentminded Professor."

Some years ago, I had the great honor to interview June Foray, with the blessing of one editor of a magazine I was working for. Had a great talk with her. Then the editor in chief returned and he said that article had NO place in his magazine. I was a combination of very angry and embarrassed. June had given me at least an hour interview and then a nice chat afterwords. That was the first and only time that has ever happened to me in all my years of magazine work. Then this same editor several years later, when the movie version of "Rocky & Bullwinkle" came out, he had the nerve to ask me to intv June Foray again! Of course, I ignored his request!

Well, I am sure you run into a lot of crap when you write, too. My experience might make you feel like you aren't the only one burned! :)

Jim Stokes
NaturaLite Pictures


Ironically, when I first put together the Tribute, I was going to entitle it "Good-bye Mr. Teabags". At the time I thought that that title would be very catchy, since it alluded to the name that Walter shared, with the Tea Company.........I was trying to go for a creative title, that showed a little bit of thought, or even humor. I am so glad, however, that I abandoned that title. I realized, before my partner, Greg Jones, even said anything, that that title was really a very STUPID name to christen Walter's tribute with.

At the same time there had also been a part of me, which thought that saying good-bye to him, with an affectionate little nickname, would be a very touching way to express a little bit of my fondness, and sentimentality, toward him (since he was affiliated with some of my very early teenage memories). Saying good-bye, PERIOD, in the title, was what I thought would be a very touching memorial, for Walter (especially taking into account his very difficult last few years of life). Thankfully a more objective and impartial frame of mind prevailed, on my part, and I realized how ridiculous, and even a disservice to this great man, a title like that would be.

No, there is no relation between Walter Tetley, and the tea company. His real last name was Tetzlaff; Tetley was just a stage name.

That probably was Walter Tetley's voice, on the Walt Disney cartoon. Walter did voices for Warner Bros. cartoons, Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker), Hanna- Barbera, etc. (for the record, one of those two producers, from Hanna-Barbera, just died this year----I forget which one; they are/were both pretty old----about the same age: 90 or 91).

It also would not surprise me, if it was Walter, on the Disney cartoon, because Disney has used two others of Jay Ward's voice GIANTS: June Foray and Paul Frees (I am not sure if the studio used any of the other Jay Ward vocies........He probably did not use Bill Scott, because Bill, for the most part, did voices just for Jay Ward, as Scott was a co-producer there).

However, I would be willing to bet, that the voice that you heard, from the Disney cartoon, could possibly have also been that of another man, whose voice was always quite high, and never changed: Dick Beals. Hal Smith did the voice of Gumby and David (David from the claymation show, DAVID AND GOLITAH). Dick Beals also did little boy voices, for many of the Warner Bros. cartoons. Today, well into his early 70s, he still has the voice of a young boy.

I am sure that Walter Tetley did NOT appear in THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR. I have read Walter's filmography, and I would remember that movie, if it were there, because I really liked that Fred McMurray picture (and that credit would have stuck out, in my mind, FOR SURE).

How great an honor, that you were able to have a tete â tete, with June Foray. I never met her in person; I just exchanged letters with her, ONCE, when I was in my very early teens (and she sent a delightful photo of herself, in Africa). I have read, countless times, that she is a very CHARMING woman. I wish that my path could have crossed hers, when I was an adult (even better, as a middle-aged adult, like now.........).

So far I have not been burned, as a writer, because I have not actually OFFICIALLY published (or done OFFICIAL interviews). I may have had my chance, back in 1974 or 1975, to be published.........At that time, my father was strongly encouraging me to let our local newspaper interview me, so that I could share the fruits of my labors, from all the voice actors, with whom I had corresponded.

The local newspaper, had not contacted us; Dad was thinking of going TO THEM, with my story, and seeing if they would like to do an article on me. Being a 15 or 16- year-old boy, however, and caring so very much about PEER PRESSURE, and LOOKING COOL, I absolutely refused, back then, to let Dad do that. I told my father:

"I'm almost a man now! How cool do you think that is going to look, to my other classmates at school, if they hear that I am dabbling in CARTOONS!!"

Of course today, at 41, I am much more secure, and care less about what people think...........Most importantly, I am no longer struggling to cross that bridge, between childhood and adulthood, as I was when I was 15 or 16 years old.


May 13, 2001

Subject: Frees


Great site!

I don't know if you've heard of this....

My brother is a studio musician in LA and played on some cartoons that Frees had voiced at, I think, Eldorado recording studio.

He had a copy of a jingle that Frees did.. It was a slupry string section playing "I'm in the Mood for Love" and Paul does this tender narration.... then a trumpet fanfare and Paul announces "the greatest invention in the history of rubber.. Imagine, a condom that glows in the dark!".. Paul continues "Goodyear, the greatest name in rubber announces its greatest achievement.. Imagine, no more fumbling in the dark!... when the lights go down, you'll light up.. the little lady will be bug eyed when she see this thing coming at her!...."

Paul played it totally straight, a joke and it was the funniest thing I've ever heard. I used to have a copy on reel to reel but I may have misplaced it. I got it in 1975 or so and it was a few years old by then. I will try to locate it and burn you a CD if I find it. You would appreciate it. Seeing your site reminded me of Paul and the "jingle".

My niece's husband (a big shot at KNX radio) is a friend of Stan Freberg and is going to get me his address and phone number so I can contact him. I've always been a fan of Stan's and I want to get his autograph and get to know him before we lose him too. Have you ever had contact with him?

Keep up the good work...


Pete Vescovo
Memphis, TN

That was a very interesting email, Pete! Though I may run the risk of offending some people by posting your remarks, I will chance it because what you had to say was very well written. I can indeed see how humorous that jingle would be, with Paul playing it straight. As I said in THE INCREDIBLE MAGIC OF PAUL FREES, sometimes he had a way of making the funny absolutely hilarious, with that serious, straight voice! Thanks for showing us a completely different and unique side of Frees.

People do ask me, from time to time, about Stan Freberg. I first learned about Freberg, from June Foray, in 1973, when she wrote to me about her career, and mentioned that she and he did record albums, together, back in the early 50s. I think that Stan may have even written quite a few of those stories, for the records.

I had read, somewhere on the internet, that Stan was also one of a "cast of thousands" (or hundreds, anyway) who did voices for Warner Bros. cartoons, but was never credited, because Mel Blanc's contract gave him exclusive credit for voices. In case you didn't know, even Paul Frees did some voices on these cartoons, but I believe that Warners only used him once or twice. Freberg was used a lot more than that.

Freberg actually starting doing voices for Warner Bros. cartoons when he was only a teenager. He said that even when he was in the military, he would record a few cartoons, for Warners, when he was on leave and came home. He also was only in his early to mid 20s when he began recording those comedy albums for Capitol Records.

You probably already know this but, Stan Freberg and Daws Butler were the two men who did all the voices for the TIME FOR BEANY puppet show on TV (1948-1953).

I always tell people, when they ask if I had made contact with Freberg some of the following details: I saw Freberg on TV, from time to time, and I also knew that he was so very famous, and more well-known than many of Jay Ward's voice-over stars. So, for me, anyway, there was nowhere near as much mystery, or intrigue, about him. For those reasons I did not try to find him or write to him. This is also the same reason why I never wrote to Hans Conried or William Conrad.


Monday, April 30

Subject: Re: Paul Frees

Dear Mr. Kistler:

I just saw your Jay Ward website. I am writing a big piece, on Paul Frees, and I was wondering if you could provide me with some information on this great man.

There are two things I would like from you. Is there any way you could send me a tape of the cassette Mr. Frees sent you? If that isn't possible, may I have a transcription of it? The only other thing I'd really like to get from you is a photograph, jpeg, or other quality image of the Paul Frees tape label you have on your website. We can work something out, if you can help me. Email me when you can get a chance, and, in the meantime, thank you for your interest in the late, great Mr. Frees.

My Warmest Regards-


We will be sending Mr. Humphreys a reproduction of that very beautiful, avant-garde, artistic painting (print of a painting) of Mr. Frees sometime soon. I am very flattered that he would like to include, that image, in his "lengthy" piece on the Man of a Thousand Voices. I did respond, with a few more details, to his query. For purposes of the PONY EXPRESS, this is all that we wish to post here, right now.

April 17, 2001


I came across this picture and thought you might like to have it if you don't already.

Walter Tetley and Harold Peary
Walter Tetley and Harold Peary

Also, someone sent me a copy of the 1938 Gene Autry movie, "Prairie Moon" and Walter Tetley is in quite a bit of it. He plays a tough city kid who inherits a ranch. However, I don't have the capability of capturing videos on my computer.


Neat! Really a great picture. The smile of Walter Tetley reveals a little bit about his personality (in a small way) and it's a great closeup. Is that from GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY? Gee, can't wait to see PRAIRIE MOON, if I can find it. Sounds like a fantastic role for Walter Tetley. I am really learning A LOT about the physical, on-camera actor, that he was, even if he never rose to STAR status, during his time.

Thanks for the obituary and the death certificate copy. Our readers may be interested to know that the cause of death was, INDEED, given as gastric carcinoma (which is, of course stomach cancer). It also clearly gave the day, in Sep. 1975, when he died, as the 7th, which differs from many accounts that list it as 9/4/75.


Friday, April 13

Subject: Paul Frees

Hi. I saw your wonderful Bullwinkle pages and wondered if you'd know who of Paul Frees' family is alive, and contact info for them? I'm wanting to write a book on him.

You'll be pleased to know that I'm also writing a book on The Great Gildersleeve with someone who has access to ULTRA-rare Walter Tetley stuff! It'll be out this summer.


Congrats are an order, Ben, on your books! It looks like you have at least one, that will be published, for sure, and I hope that the other one will be published as well! I do know that Paul Frees' wife (at least the one, to whom he was married when he corresponded with me) was Beverly Frees. I later learned, when I read Keith Scott's book, THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, that Paul Frees was married quite a few times (about 5-6 times if I remember correctly).

That would be the only relative, blood or otherwise, whom I would know anything about. When Paul Frees responded to my letter, unlike all of the other voice-over artists, he never gave me his home address; he just used a return address for his talent agent (the original address through which I had contacted him). I do not even know if his agent, Charles Stern is still living. If you have not already tried to contact him, I do still have a business address for him, albeit a very old address.

Regarding the Paul Frees book, if you do publish it, I hope that you would be willing to credit me if you use any of the anecdotes, and tidbits, about Paul that you read here. Although probably the majority of the details, that I have covered in my article on him, have already been duplicated elsewhere (from interviews and research that others have done), there are at least a few very specific details, that I have mentioned, that I am sure can be found nowhere else, at all...........highly specific and intricate personal nuggets that I gleaned solely from his own personal taped letter to me.

We do not make any money, at all, from THE WALTER TETLEY WEB PAGE. I do this purely for fun and my love of Jay Ward's cartoon shows and the voice-over artists. I also do this because of my love of teaching, and learning, as a former college Spanish Instructor. As I had said, in another email, I enjoyed not just teaching others, but also learning a lot from my students as well. The people who have responded, to the PEABODY'S PONY EXPRESS, have actually taught me a lot more than my students ever did!

Finally I also do this page because of my love of writing and research. That was something that I developed a taste for, when I was working on my MA in Spanish (though to be completely honest, I have enjoyed writing since I was about fourteen or fifteen years old, around the time that I wrote to these many voice-over stars).

What I am leading up to.........Because we do this purely for fun, and, hopefully, to intellectually stimulate discussion and learning (and because we make not even one thin dime, on our efforts) it would be nice to receive credit, for the work that we have done here, which is truly unique.

One closing remark. I cannot tell you how happy we are to receive some comments on one of the people who shares this web page with Walter Tetley. Though we have dedicated this Jay Ward cartoon web page, to Walter Tetley, we do enjoy hearing from readers who honor the other talent, from the shows, as well.

We also received an email, the same day as yours, from another reader, who asked some questions about the Animators of PEABODY'S IMPROBABLE HISTORY. That, too, was a very interesting question, for us. No one had asked such a question, at all, before this date!

Best Wishes to you and to your literary endeavors!


April 13, 2001


How are you? I have a couple of questions about artwork I cannot find. Who drew Mr. Peabody and Sherman? Is there a website with pictures of those characters?. Thanks in advance!

Marc Milkin

Hi Marc:

From what I can see, it looks like the only two artists, for all the shows, from Rocky and Bullwinkle, are Barbara Baldwin and Adrienne Diamond. I have not read up that much, about Adrienne, but I know that Barbara Baldwin is still living. Despite the fact that these shows date back to 1959, Barbara is still only in her mid to late 60s (from what I recall reading about her).

If all you want are pictures of Peabody and Sherman, that is not too hard to find on the web. I will give you one website, and perhaps Greg Jones, our web page designer can give you at least one other, because I know that he has searched for pictures of these drawings. One site you might try is:

Hope to hear from you again, sometime in the future.


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