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Trivia on June Foray (continued)

Post Script to the Trivia:

June enclosed, in her letter to me, an official 1973 "Prepared Biography" on her career/life. It appeared to have been compiled by her agent, at the time:

  • Though busy, professionally, Ms. Foray finds time to indulge in her hobbies, including:

    1. Portrait Painting

    2. Sewing

    3. Writing Articles

  • At the time of her letter, Ms. Foray was a Foster Parent to a Chinese child, Wong Mei Kay, living in Hong Kong

  • Though mentioned briefly, in June of the Jungle, about her involvement with Disney on Parade, the biography alluded to the fact that:

    1. She recorded the voice of the Wicked Stepmother and Snow White, for the 1971 version of Disney on Parade

    2. She was then called, by Disney, to do the voice of many famous characters, in the 1972 and 1973 versions of Disney on Parade, then touring both the U.S. and Europe.

    3. In 1973 she had just recorded the voice of Mrs. Darling, for the road show of Peter Pan

  • Her biography alludes to the fact that, like Walter Tetley, she recorded hundreds of children's and adults' albums for Capitol Records........This was a big part of what helped her to become discovered, by many of today's Animation studios.

  • Some of the movies, from the 60s and the 70s, for which she did dubbing or special voice effects were:

    1. Doctors' Wives

    2. Hospital

    3. Love Machine

    4. McHugh (with John Wayne)

    5. The Secret of Santa Vittoria

    6. The Little People

    7. The Counterfeit Man

  • ***************************************************************************